*Never the less she persisted * Women supporting women* *Kindness matters * and state pride appareL


wear your HOME 

Sunday Afternoon Housewife is the creator and printer of a collection of state pride and social justice tee shirts and accessories. From a small home studio on the East Side of Indianapolis, Sunday Afternoon Housewife's self-taught start in design, fashion and printing has expanded to printing smart, soft, and socially conscious state pride tee shirts for states of the Midwest and beyond. 


Indiana Tees and Accessories

Indiana- the origins of  the Sunday Afternoon Housewife brand.

 Neighborhood Pride. City Pride. State Pride.

Wear it, pin it or take a sip from it. 


Ohio, Kentucky & Tennessee

The ever expanding lines for  neighboring states and beyond. 

Each visit provides a new idea for a new design.

Take a look at the current offerings.